Aeronautical Engineering



The Department was established in the year 2008, to achieve excellence in the field of Aeronautical Engineering. with a view to intensifying the significance of research in Aeronautics and mould the present youth to be complacent with the  future  generation of space technologies, the Institution has mooted for Aeronautical Engineering at Undergraduate Level. The Department is headed by Dr P Srinivasa Rao who has 20 years of teaching experience in the specialised areas on board. The Department of Aeronautical Engineering has seasoned faculty in its main stream of study. The expertise in the Department comprises of experience gained through Academic institutions and reputed R & D Organizations.

The aim of the Department of Aeronautical Engineering is to promote engineering education and research. It strives consistently to provide quality education, keeping in pace with time and technology. It is the Passion to integrate the intellectual, spiritual, ethical and social development of the students for modeling them into dynamic Aeronautical Engineers.

The vision of the Department is to be an indispensable source in Aeronautical Engineering education which has the zeal to provide the value driven platform for the students to acquire knowledge and empower themselves to shoulder higher responsibility in the Aerospace Industry.

The department has sophisticated equipment supplementing the academic needs of the students. Some of the laboratories established in Aeronautical Engineering are:

01. Basic Engineering Workshop
02. Aircraft Engineering Drawing with CAD
03. Mechanics of Fluids
04. Mechanics of Solids
05. Aircraft Production and Materials
06. Aerodynamics and Propulsion
07. Aircraft Structures
08. Flight Vehicle Design
09. Computational Fluid Dynamics
10. Structural Analysis and Detailed Design